The reasons behind commercial water damage

Flood damage to commercial sites can be troublesome as it affects the normal days of your business. It is imperative to mitigate the water damage immediately, but before doing so, understanding the reasons behind commercial water damage is important.

That is why you need to know some common causes and what you need to do after spotting some signs of water damage in your workplace.

Commercial water damage: Knowing the causes and controlling them

Here are some of the common causes as to why some facilities get commercial water damage. Every business owner should have basic knowledge about them and must know what actions to take in addressing the issue promptly.

Natural disaster

Thunderstorms, flash floods, and hurricanes can severely damage your facility. Since natural disasters are inevitable, it is important to know how to be prepared and ensure your workplace is safe.

Your building must have a proper drainage system to keep the water from entering into your office. Gutters should be free from debris and must clean it regularly to clear any blockage. If you can prepare a disaster response plan, then that would be great. It will help you address some issues quickly.

There are some other problems to deal with aside from water damage which normally is different from home water damage. Flood damage is a pressing concern which affects the health of the workforce, and financial losses to any businesses. The business can stop temporarily in order to resolve the building issues.

However, with the right timing, it will go smoothly. Otherwise, you may end up rushing the task without taking proper steps resulting in additional damage. It is important that you partner up with a reputable commercial flood damage restoration company to efficiently help you in the future.

Roof damaged

The cause of your damaged roof can be due to hailstorm, snowfall, heavy rains, and improper maintenance. Once your roof is damaged, it will result in water leakage that can cause secondary damages to the building’s ceiling. When that happens, moulds start appearing.

You must ensure to have a regular inspection to detect early signs of crack roofs and repair them as required.

Leaking and hot water system

There several factors as to why your building’s hot water system is leaking. It can be due to lack of maintenance, faulty valves, deteriorated pipe fittings, and a damaged tank. These common defects can potentially lead to water damage. Pay attention to wet carpets, wet walls, moulds and foul odour.

These hints will tell you that there is something wrong with your hot water system. Get some experts to it and someone who can promptly restore the damaged areas.

Broken water pipes

Like the hot water system as mentioned earlier, water pipes can get faulty and deteriorate due to lack of maintenance. If you have some issues with your pipes, some visible signs can be the water stains on the wall, ceilings, floors, or even a filthy odour.

Once you notice these indicators, get a professional to assist you in fixing your broken pipes to stop the root cause of secondary damage. It’s quite hard to identify the cause behind your water-stained walls, but it would be easy for professionals to detect the reason behind the excessive damage.

Damaged ducted system

Proper maintenance to your building’s heating ventilation and air conditioning system is important in keeping your worksite secure and safe for your staff and clients. Over a period of time, your commercial ducted system can get damage due to wear and tear.

As it gets aged, there’s a great chance of water leakage which affects the wooden structure of a building. To avoid this problematic event from happening, you must ensure routinary check-up and proper maintenance from a professional for your ducted system.

Damaged window

Another reason for commercial water damage is a damaged window. If not sealed properly, it allows the water to enter and slowly creates secondary damage to the wooden furniture and carpets.

Moulds begin to develop if not resolve right away. You must ensure that all windows are properly sealed and have it checked regularly by your maintenance personnel.