Leading choice for water damage carpet drying in SFour

Our company has years of expertise and practice to conduct water and flood damage restoration in SFour.

  • Competent and certified technicians
  • Affordable prices with no hidden costs
  • 24 hours available emergency same-day service
  • Nature-friendly treatments that are safe for all age groups
  • Utilise the latest and upgraded equipment
  • 100% client satisfaction

Clean water

This water is known to be safe for drinking because it runs through your water supply companies who applied solutions to kill and filter out pathogens from your water source.


Greywater is known to have soaps, debris, and dirt. Many reuse this water for their gardens and lawns. This is partially safe water as it does not have a direct touch with organic matter. However, it is important to remember to seek licensed technicians is there is a leakage to avoid moulding and foul odour.


This water contains human or pet waste and is considered to be harmful as it contains unknown bacteria, virus, and contaminants. If you notice leakage of blackwater, it is wise to call professional help as it is dangerous to handle it alone.

24/7 Emergency flood damage carpet drying in SFour

We are available all day and night to provide you with remarkable water restoration in SFour. After your booking is placed, we will gear up and arrive at your premises in an hour.

Domestic wet carpet cleaning in SFour

Splendor Flood Damage Restoration provides first-class domestic wet carpet cleaning in SFour. Our technicians are amongst the qualified and skilful in the field who are not only fast, but also intellectuals and competent in delivering exceptional results for your carpets.

By the end of the restoration process, we can assure you a remarkable and dried up home for you and your family.

Step-by-step flood damage restoration process

Initial checkup

This step is essential to make sure that every corner of your carpets is inspected. Our technicians will carefully take note of the parts that are heavily submerged under the flood, what kind of water leakage you have, how bad is the flooding, so we can formulate an effective strategic plan that suits your place.

Extracting water

We will then begin to extract all the water from your rugs. Our specialists will employ the industry’s upgraded and notably working power pumps to absorb all the floodwater in your premises.

Humidifier and air movers

This step is to remove all excess water and moisture from parts that are difficult to access. We will use portable equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers that are of great help in reducing the dampness of the atmosphere and your carpets.

Carpet drying

We will focus on the parts that are severely affected and have absorbed a significant amount of flooding in your carpet.

Monitoring of carpets

Our technicians will now carefully check each part of your carpet and see whether the underlay needs to be lifted and remove all the dampness to avoid mould growth and bacterial development.

Removal of equipment

We will remove the equipment if all are guaranteed dried and apply sanitising spray solutions to kill all the possibility of microbes and mildews.


Our specialists will carefully put back the carpets to its place and perform a steam cleaning method to freshen up your carpets.

Odour remediation

This process is important to make sure that all foul smell is completely eradicated.

Final checkup

The final inspection is crucial and allows our customers to check their carpets. We will give you the chance to ask questions and provide you with practical recommendations to prevent future water and flood damage recurrence.

Same-day flooded carpet cleaning in SFour

Our company offers fast and reliable same-day flooded carpet cleaning in SFour. We make sure to get to your doorstep within one hour to assist you promptly.

We are dedicated to our mission – to deliver safe and proficient water damage restoration for all homeowners and business owners.

Wet carpet drying for business owners of SFour

Carpet offices may also be damaged and submerged into the water because of unexpected water leakage and broken water pipes. You don’t want to wait any longer, so better yet to call Splendor Flood Damage Restoration in SFour today.

Business owners trust us to provide safe and remarkable wet carpet drying in SFour! We make sure to prevent any interruption in your working schedule while conducting the water damage restoration procedure.

Wet carpet restoration at an affordable price SFour

Wet carpets are prone to having moulds and foul odour if not treated accordingly. Our company is known to be one of the in-demand providers of wet carpet restoration in SFour.

We will utilise the industry’s remarkable equipment to thoroughly dry up the rugs that suffered from heavy flooding and water pipe leakage.