Flood Damage Restoration in Sydney

Competent and affordable water damage restoration in Sydney

Splendor Flood Damage Restoration are experts in providing outstanding water and flood damage restoration in Sydney. We adhere to a thorough water removal process and remove the unpleasant odour your carpet may have thereafter due to water damage. We are 24/7 available in delivering emergency same-day restoration of carpets. Our technicians can arrive and assist you within one hour after you place your booking with us.

Our company has years of experience and practice in performing water damage restoration to both residential and commercial properties. We provide premium cleaning of your wet carpet in Sydney. Our wet carpet drying services are completely affordable, allowing you to experience world-class service without spending a great deal of money.

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    Residential flood damage carpet cleaning in Sydney

    A home is a place where you can relax, and the last thing you want is a flooded carpet. Luckily, our professionals offer flood damage carpet cleaning in Sydney!

    We conduct an in-depth restoration process to take out all the water from your carpets at home. The equipment we utilise is the latest and in-demand in the industry to ensure fast and effective water damage restoration.

    Same-day water damage carpet cleaning in Sydney

    Through our same-day services, we ensure to arrive in an hour to deliver inimitable water damage carpet cleaning in Sydney. We truly understand the struggle of having flooded carpets - the reason why we constantly strive and make every effort to eradicate the flood inside your property, may it be residentially or commercially.


    This type of water typically develop from

    • Kitchen sink
    • Shower
    • Laundry
    • Industrial work

    Clean water

    This water is safe to consume or drink because this water goes through proper treatment where pathogens are removed for safe drinking.


    This water is non-toxic with no health concerns. It comes from urinals which may contain bacteria which causes diseases with direct contact.

    Carpet Drying Services Across Australia

    Our flood damage restoration process

    Carpet assessment

    The moment we arrive at your premises, we will thoroughly evaluate your flooded place. Our experts will carefully take note if you’re flooded with contaminated water or not, which strategic method fits the severity of the water damage, and if we need to lift your carpets in case the water penetrates deeply into your rugs.

    Water extraction process

    This will allow us to withdraw the water from your carpets. We will use powerful equipment to extract the water fast and avoid seeping deep into your carpets.


    We will utilise air movers and dehumidifiers to promote speedy drying for your carpets and to increase the circulation air inside your property. Dehumidifiers contribute to eradicating excessive moisture to prevent mould and mildew germination.

    Wet carpet drying

    This time, we will carefully check your carpets and lift it up to check the underlays in case it gains a substantial amount of water from the flood. Our experts are adept in using moisture meters to detect excessive and residual moisture on your carpets.


    We will keenly check every now and then if the water or flood is completely eliminated and move the equipment to particular parts that are severely drowned in water.

    Remove the equipment

    Our practitioners will remove the equipment and begin to sanitise and clean the aftermath of the flooding. Our sanitation treatments are organic and safe to use for all age groups.

    Steam cleaning your carpet

    We will employ a steam-cleaning method to ensure that no microbes and bacteria may linger after the wet carpet cleaning.

    Odour treatment

    A foul odour may set off health problems, which is why we additionally apply odour control treatment for a fresher and cleaner atmosphere

    24/7 Emergency water damage restoration in Sydney

    If your carpet is suffering from a great deal of flooding, it is important to take immediate action to remedy this problem! For this matter, call our emergency same-day water damage restoration to secure a fresh and sanitary environment for you.

    We will arrive at your place within an hour, fully geared with the updated equipment and organic solutions to mend your damaged carpets.

    Commercial flooded carpet drying in Sydney

    Due to unexpected leakage, your carpets may suffer from drastic flooding that may affect your carpets in industrial property. Luckily, you don’t have to wait any longer! Because Splendor Flood Damage Restoration offers office flooded carpet drying in Sydney.

    Our specialists hold technical and essential knowledge to eradicate all forms of water, whether it is greywater, blackwater, and even clean water. We may additionally provide you with practical recommendations to avoid water damage in your office once again.

    Hire our professionals today for flood and water damage restoration in Sydney

    A damaged carpet due to massive flooding can bring colossal destruction on your property. Water restoration is not an easy task to carry out especially when you lack the knowledge and expertise to do so.

    Splendor is a world-class company who works hard to deliver flood and water damage restoration in Sydney. Our professionals hold relevant information and skills to conduct the proper method to restore your carpets on the same day of your booking.

    The treatments we employ are organically safe for all age groups so you can go back to your normal routine after the procedure.


    Splendor Flood Restoration holds updated moisture meters to easily detect the dampness of your carpets. Once we have detected the wet portion of your rugs, we will use our air movers and dehumidifiers to remove all the moisture left.

    Yes, we do. Deodorisation is the last step in our comprehensive procedure. We make sure that our odour treatments are safe and mildly-scented to avoid serious allergic reactions from our beloved clients.

    Yes, we can thoroughly remove the moulds from your carpets. Part of our inspection is to detect if your carpets have endured mould. If so, we will completely eradicate them using organic solutions.

    Yes, we can extract the floodwater from your office. We are also adept and trained to conduct our services to your workplace and restore your carpets efficiently.

    Yes, our services are completely fit within the budget, allowing you to experience world-class restoration assistance at an economical cost.